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Bugs on the Windshield is now available for sale. Bugs on the Windshield is what I consider a "thriller", although I could be wrong. It is a short novel about a serial killer (but I do not go into gory details), which is a totally new genre for me. I hope you will enjoy it and post reviews.

Janie's Got It Good is being proofed before orders can be made.

These two will probably be the last until sometime late next year or early 2018.  

FYI: Amazon is starting to price many of my books at a "minimum" price range. Example: Janie's Got It Bad is priced at $8.90; Witchy Tales: Gale Warning is priced at $8.50, and Hooked Too is priced at $8.65. However, you may purchase directly from me for $8.00. Send a check and send me an email to the addresses located under "Contact Us" .

Thank you, once again, to all those who have supported me during my long journey.

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 Just Weird and Angelic Christmas are available as e-books for 99 cents (links to Amazon but also available through B&N)


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Janie's Got It Bad, Book Three

Janie Montgomery has the hots for her neighbor. 

Handsome and single, Alexander Drake is the neighbor in question. He's a private investigator in the office next to hers. Even though Janie knows nothing of the PI business, she finds herself spending more time with Aleck as he seeks her help with one case after another.

Follow Janie as she continues her journey from her safe, comfortable life into the new life she got when she decided she needed a change. Amazon link

The sequel. Join Raina Nichols and Connor McDaniels as they take a break from the cold and fly to warm Florida.  


Shelly Rhymes was a hard woman. In her 42 years of life, she’d lived a lifetime of hell. Raped at fourteen; forced to have an abortion because she couldn’t bear the thought of giving birth to her own cousin, she ran away at fifteen, living on the streets.
Jack Daniels was his real name; given, courtesy of her favorite drink, by his drunken mother. He didn’t give much thought to a mother dead long ago, like the bugs on his windshield. Sometimes, in the lonely hours before dawn, he thought of her and his life. He owed much of what he was to that drunk. 

NEW: Janie's Got It Good, Book 4

It's been a year since Janie Montgomery moved to Edenton, North Carolina, opened her own business, reconnected with old friends, made new ones, and found love.

The holidays are approaching, and preparations are stressful enough, but now she has to brace herself for her first meeting with Aleck's (her new love) father. 

(not yet published)

Special note:  Depending on your reader, some formatting may be off. I could not get all of the available Kindle versions to have the same formatting.  

Until further notice, I will not be publishing on B&N. All future books in any form will be available through Amazon, and hard copies through CreateSpace or through the author (click contact us link to see how to order)

Disclaimer: I apologize to all who have purchased my books for any typos or spelling errors. We check, and double check before they are published. It is our intent to provide a quality copy, and will endeavor to eliminate errors in future products. 

And, finally, I want to thank those who have purchased Hooked and the Janie's Got series, have overlooked my trial and errors, and still purchase my books. Thank you for sticking with me as I continue to grow and write.

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